Our goal is simple. We want to help as many people as we can achieve the highest level of comfort and security by sharing our financial expertise.
Specifically, we want to guide people in making sure they have enough money to retire – and provide expert guidance to those who need help in developing a retirement plan.

Bill Hoff, Our Founder and Leader

Faith Financial Advisors

With 32 years of experience, Bill is known for his forward-thinking ideas and concepts. Before starting Faith Financial Advisors, Bill regularly met people who did not know who to talk to about protecting their families and saving for their retirement. And that became his main motivation for starting the business Bill runs today.

Bill believes it’s important to develop relationships with people and operates the business accordingly. To him, each client is like family. He cares. And because of this, he receives a lot of introductions to the family and friends of current clients – which he is happy to help find the information they need.

A native of Central Illinois, Bill used to run a grain export facility, and once managed 1,500 acres of seed corn produced for export.

A cancer survivor, Bill gets his inspiration from his wife and two sons, who are now already married. When he’s not working, Bill enjoys fly fishing, traveling, and singing.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to deliver the most optimal federal employee retirement planning solutions to retirees and near-retirement clients. We strive to establish customized financial strategies for our clients to assist them in achieving their financial objectives after retirement. We assist clients in developing smart retirement plans to protect themselves from potential financial risks.

Our Goals

We’re making it easier for federal employees to get better benefits and retirement income from the government. We have a committed team of federal retirement experts working to make this goal a reality. Talk to us about your goals, and we’ll develop a solid financial strategy for you.

Our primary goal is to eliminate your financial risks

Being a government employee comes with a slew of perks, but there is no guarantee of financial security once you retire. Pensions from the government are insufficient to cover your rising costs. A financial specialist can help you maintain your financial security and ensure a comfortable retirement. M.Dutton & Associates is a specialized team of seasoned financial consultants who consider your financial demands and create the best asset protection and financial management recommendations.

Proven Financial Strategies to Ensure Your Financial Security

It all began with a zeal to provide the best financial strategies for our consumers. With each passing year, we improved our efficiency and gained a greater understanding of our skill set. We follow industry standards and our effective retirement planning services to help you realize your financial goals. We cultivate positive relationships with our customers. Our services will ensure your retirement benefits are maximized, and you have enough to live on in retirement. Why settle for mediocre benefits and a poor retirement income when you can rely on M.Dutton & Associates to make informed decisions?

Our Methodology

There aren’t many federal retirement specialists who exercise the level of professionalism that M. Dutton & Associates does. We use a systematic approach to analyze your needs and provide the best strategy possible.

1. Consultation Session

We meet with clients to learn about their aspirations and future financial goals. We give clients a basic set of recommendations to assist them in finding a suitable opportunity based on their desired results.

2. Developing a Strategy

We devise a fully customized financial plan to provide you with maximum federal employee benefits after assessing your expectations, current financial insights, and other finance-related requirements. We will review all the details to ensure that the planning meets your expectations.

3. Execution of the strategy and monitoring of results

Our experts ensure that you stick to your financial strategy and observe all requirements to keep up with shifting market trends. The fundamental goal is to secure your wealth with the least risk possible. If M. Dutton & Associates was your financial advisor during the financial planning process, you will reap significant benefits in retirement.